In his monumental photographs, taken with a large-format analogue camera, Bownik examines `artificiality` in photography. Drawing inspiration from the classic iconography of historical still lifes, genre painting as well as the aesthetics of 1940s American cinema, he questions historical norms of representation. Carefully dissecting the elementary components of his subjects, his work is driven by his attention to minutiae. Flowers are disassembled, only to be surgically reconstructed - without hiding their artificiality. Alternatively, he challenges the historical narratives symbolized by traditional costumes: Turning them inside-out invokes the possibility of a different reading: In their reversed state, the intricate embroideries not only reveal their materiality, but also speak of their socio-historical context. Undercoat encompasses Bownik`s work from the past decade, informed by the artist`s awareness of the underlying patterns that give form to our surroundings and how we perceive them.

Texts in English
Ed. Magdalena Ziólkowska,
 text(s) by Ernst van Alphen, Andrew Berardini, Soren Gauger, Michal Ksiazek, Zoska Papuzanka, Roma Sendyka, Magdalena Ziólkowska,
29 x 24 cm, 248 pages, 140 illustrations
Hardcover 19.00 x 24.60 mm
Graphic design by Honza Zamojski
First edition published by Hatje Cantz

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