The artworks comprising the series "Disassembly" (2012), consists of images of plants and flowers, reminiscent of 19th century taxonomy and botanical drawings, as well as classical still life paintings. The plants on these photographs, however, are not just scientific illustrations, nor are they to be simply admired for their beauty. Instead, the plants were ‘disassembled’, only to put them back together, according to scientific methods and making use of ‘unnatural’ materials such as plastic cords and pushpins to restore the plant. A highly aestheticized albeit ambiguous effect is achieved by the emphasis on the beauty of the plants: at once demonstrating preoccupations with ‘beauty ideals’, as if the plants were subject to plastic surgery, and the moribund quest to unravel the secrets of nature, inviting further considerations on the relationship between photography and death.
Disassembly 5, 154cm x 123cm, 2013, photography
Disassembly 25, 60cm x 50cm, 2012, photography
Disassembly 1, 165cm x 140cm, 2012, photography
Disassembly 10, 100cm x 80cm, 2013, photography
Disassembly 13, 100cm x 88cm, 2013. photography
Disassembly 2, 146cm x 140cm, 2012, photography
Back to the Future, Mai Mano House, Budapest, 2019
Backstage, studio, 8x10 color slide film, 2011
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