The artworks comprising the series "Girls and Boys I Know" (2012-2016), where the topic is manifestation of youth. Evoking and utilizing methods from studio photography and 1940’s American cinema. By staging films and constructing sets, he recreates the technique and conventionality of the world of film. Also inspiration's from the classic iconography of painting – still lifes, hunting still lives, portraits, as well as archival photography, searching for common qualities of representations characteristic of a given point in time and and in their proper historical context.
Worm, 217cm x 140cm, 2014 Doe, 178cm x 140cm, 2013, photography
Doe, 164cm x 140cm, 2013, photography  
Passage, 240cm x 140cm, 2013, photography                                                                                         
Grid, 112cm x 92cm, 2012, photography    
Mourner, 194cm x 140cm, 2017, photography  
Pilgrim, 194cm x 135cm, 2017, photography                                                                                                       
Den, 209cm x 140cm, 2014, photography  
Atmospheric Object, 210cm x 140cm, 2014, photography  
Exhibition, Undercoat, Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz,, 2022
Backstage, studio, 2012
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